Relaxed Corporate portraits

A follow-up shoot requesting some more relaxed corporate portraits for Virgin Management Limited. Images were commissioned to reflect the company’s relaxed style.

The brief was to photograph 35 people in just 140 minutes before they had a big meeting in their central London offices.  (That’s about 4 minutes each, not counting the gaps between subjects, etc.) The meeting room, like many, was not big and dominated by a big table. So angles were limited.

Each portrait was still requested to have some variety about it, even within the short time allocated. Not just some standing, some sat, some tight headshots. But even using out-of-focus elements in some images, like the light fitting in the centre of the room, gives the images less formality. That was possible within the timespan. But overall is was important for the images to look relaxed in a contemporary corporate style that reflects the modern business world. Not a stuffy, formal portrait against a backdrop.

Here are a few images from this shoot…

Images shot with a Profoto light in a large Photek Softlighter II, to the right, mixing in with the light from a dull day in central London coming through the windows.

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